Scroll IV – Valoic

Scroll IV – Valoic

The Rise

I am the Wind from the North. I was created to bring Justice to the World and teach the People to put the good of others before their own. I do not have faith in the Creator. I do not need it, for I know Her.

At the end of the cycle of creation, The Creator asked my Brothers and I to build bodies and Thrones for us to Reign on the World in Her name while She was resting away from Her Creation. So did we.

The Betrayal

The First One, as the most powerful creature, thought it His right to rule the World. He tried to muster an army of immortals in the North, so I killed Him with the Sword of Retribution and He was banished Under the Mountain. He escaped shortly after while Duergar and Kalvin were fighting, and came back to the North to raise an army again. This time I decided to capture Him instead, and I threw Him into the Void, where he was destroyed forever. Something unexpected then happened. The second one became The First One. I let him raise his army, the largest ever seen. Immortals from the South, the West and the East gathered in the North. I let them come and they took my Throne.

Then I lied to my brothers. I told them the Creator had told me that we had failed Her, and that the People had to be punished. I let the Phoenix, my last friend, fly away, before I tore a gash into the World and let my Kingdom and my Throne be flooded by the Void. Most of the People was destroyed.

The Fall

I thought I had brought Justice to the World by sacrificing my Throne, my Kingdom, and my purity. I was wrong. I destroyed the World I was supposed to protect. I must be punished for what I have done.

Scroll IV – Valoic

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