The Gathering

The three Arcanes that had been called, Greenstep, Stoneheart and Oneye, gathered in the circle of standing stones. The Salmon was recalling Greenstep to Yggradsil. The Arcane had travel back to his homeland to die and be reborn. Being the closest to the Three of Life, Greenstep was chosen to interpret Yggdrasil’s message to the crowd of kings and druids:

As we Arcanes retire, Humans shall rise and name their own kings. The World is our legacy to them.

Greenstep then appointed Vernon the Druid as his Hierophant, and as the Arcane’s spirit returned to the Earth, his body turned into a three that would keep living for decades.

This is the moment Stoneheart chose to warn his brother:

- Oneye, the Season of War has not come yet, but let me give you this warning. Stop experimenting with the Void, or I shall stop you myself.

- You do not understand. There is something more beyond this World. Creation goes beyond that. There is light in the darkness.

Both Arcanes parted on this disagreement.

Then the Hierophant chose the crown that the next High King would wear. He picked one that had been blessed by a foreign god, for the knew faith was to unite Mankind. Vernon crowned Melwas, who believed in the new religion:

Yggdrasil wants Mankind to choose its own kings and make its own laws. This is not possible if Humans keep worshiping the Arcanes as their gods. Melwas, the tribes all agreed on this process, so I make you High King of Kymuria. However, we Druids shall now retire from Human politic.

This is what happened on the first day of the Year of the Salmon – Bardic Chronicles



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