The Crossing

During the crossing to the Green Island, an interesting conversation took place between Vernon the Druid and Brother Donatello:

-[Donatello] So my friend, you believe the Spirits are leading us and the other delegations to Kymuria. This seems to leave little place to freewill.

-[Vernon] The Spirits do not deprive us of our freewill. They merely suggest to us a course of action. They act by driving our natural impulse: the Salmon makes us homesick, the Horse drives us to engage our enemies, the Owl stimulates our curiosity. They always do. The difference right now is that they are all pointing us in the same direction.

-[Donatello] So all the spirits wish one of your Arcane dead, and are inviting us to the funeral?

-[Vernon] Winter has come for one of the Arcanes. He has already been called to return to the Tree of Life by one of the spirits. The other two are only being reminded that their time is close too.

-[Donatello] Can you tell which one it is going to be?

-[Vernon] No. The spirits are all talking at the same time. The Arcanes themselves might not know for sure. They have to listen, and hear which one is the loudest.

-[Donatello] How do you figure that out?

-[Vernon] Look around you. See how people act. This will reveal which Spirit is the most influential in the Green Island.

-[Donatello] This is a fatalistic point of view that I do not share. The Winds thought us that we are responsible for our actions, and that how we live this life will influence our passage through the Wheel to the next, until we reach Illumination, or eternal damnation. The First One blindly followed his instincts, what you name Spirits. He made bad choices and was banned from the Creation. The Virtues though by the Winds are mostly about curbing our primal instincts and do what is best for the greater good. How people choose to act shapes their destiny, and maybe even the destiny of your Arcanes…



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