The Book of Alvito

III – The Book of Alvito

The Awakening

Alvito was the gifted apprentice of a powerful wizard. Magic was strong in him, to the point where his master felt the need one day to show off to him. “Alvito”, said the Wizard, “your magic is strong, but it is raw. You still have to achieve the level or mastery that took me decades to accomplish. Blowing up a man with a fireball spell is one thing, but taking his life with a single word requires far more technique.” On this, the Wizard used Power Work Kill on a nearby slave, who immediately dropped dead. In dismay, Alvito kneeled beside the dead slave, put his hand on the chest of the decease, and told his master: “What good is all that power, if all it takes to save this man’s life is a little Compassion”. At these words, the heart of the slave started beating again. Alvito left the tower of his master, bringing the slave with him. Still horrified by the possibilities of profane magic, He burnt his spellbooks and ritual scrolls.

Alvito then traveled to Darica, looking for what was left of the Church of the Four Winds. He had read about the Winds in ancient books and was eager to learn more about them. In Darica, he joined the Believers and became a priest. One day, because Darica had become unsafe again for the Believers, the Austral Cardinal gave Alvito the original copies of the Scriptures and asked him to take them North, both to protect them, and to bring the words of the Prophet to the heathens.

The Prophecy

On his way North, Alvito stopped at the court of Lord Magnus Andro, who gave him safe passage through his land and warned him about Jarvanax, the neighbouring Warlord. Once in Jarvanax’s land, Alvito spent some time at an inn owned by a Believer named Aleb. Some of the Warlord’s men were also staying there. One night, Aleb was ordered to prepare a feast in honor the Warlord’s men. What most of them did not know was that Aleb’s daughter had been raped by a group of them and was dying from her wound in a room just above the feasting hall. Aleb, knowing that Valoic would curse any man who eats human flesh, killed one of the soldiers who raped his girl and served him to the others at the feast. All ate of it, including Alvito who just happened to be at the inn that evening. When the moon rose, all tuned into beasts.

Soon, the Warlord and his men falsely accused Alvito of bringing the Curse of Valoic onto them, and the Warlord ordered that Alvito be executed. Alvito saw the injustice in this, but accepted his fate, hoping that his sacrifice would save his companions. As the Warlord’s men were bringing him to the executioner, Alvito said: “There cannot be Justice without the Law. When an otherwise just law has unjust consequences, Honour commands to the men of Good to rectify the situation”. At these words, Valoic’s curse became a blessing for Alvito, as he turned into an owl and escaped the Warlord’s men.

The Book of Alvito

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