Scroll III – Faey Luna

Scroll III – Faey Luna

The Rise

Faey Luna was the most beautiful and intelligent creature of the whole Creation. She was such a beauty, that Eastmael, the Wind of the East, fell in love with her. One day, Faey Luna told Eastmael that she loved him and asked Eastmael if he had the same feelings for her. Being the Wind of Honesty and Discipline, Eastmael had to admit his love to Faey Luna, but added that, because of his duties as a Wind, their relationship could not go further.

The Betrayal

Hurt by this impossible relationship, Faey Luna decided that she wanted to forget her feelings for Eastmael. She took her brother, the jealous Oberon, as her lover, but that wasn’t enough. Living under Eastmael’s dominion was a constant and painful reminder. One day, she began a journey to the edge of the World with the acknowledged objective of throwing her feelings for Eastmael into the Void. Worried, the Wind from the East followed her there. That was exactly what Faey Luna expected him to do, for Oberon seized the Eastern Throne during the Wind’s absence. That day, Faey Luna`s Guile outshined her beauty. Stricken by grief, Eastmael did not even try to defend himself when Faey Luna pulled the sword Ramavok out of the Void to plunge it into his heart.

The Fall

Faey Luna returned to the Enchanted Forest to reign with Oberon. All were not happy with the regime change. Faey Luna and Oberon spent most of their family’s Fortune to buy the loyalty of their subjects. When the armies of the First One threatened the borders of the Eastern Kingdom, Faey Luna used her magical Powers to create a veil of Void around her domain. This mist of emptiness penetrated the Enchanted Forest, turning it into the Dark Forest.

Later, when The First One came to offer them an alliance, Oberon tried to kill Him. Thanks to five gold arrows and some good Fortune, Oberon managed to injure The First One six times. Following the blood trail, Oberon hunted The First One across the World, hoping to deal Him a fatal blow with the sword Ramavok. Oberon never came back.

Scroll III – Faey Luna

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