Scroll II - Duergar

Scroll II – Duergar

The Rise

Duergar was the General in charge of the Legions of Kalvin, the Wind from the West. He was the most courageous, disciplined and honourable of all of Kalvin’s Warrior. Duergar was blessed by the Creator for upholding these virtues and capable of performing miracles as he was fighting Devils above and Under the Mountain. After centuries of fighting the armies of the First One without ever knowing defeat, Duergar started to rely on his extraordinary Strength rather than his Courage. His Discipline was gradually replaced by a notion of mastering the use of his Powers, and his sense of Honour by a will to pursue his own Glory. It became increasingly difficult for Duergar to find adversaries to defeat that he would judge worthy of him.

The Betrayal

When the war against The First One and his army of Humans started in the South,Duergar sent most of Kalvin’s Legion away to support Ensifer, even though he knew they would not arrive in time. He kept in the West only the troops most loyal to him. This is when Duergar decided to move against Kalvin. Using a massive four bladed great axe forged by Devils, Duergar destroyed Kalvin’s corporal envelope and seized the Throne Under the Mountain for himself. Having only limited troops left with him to preserve his control over his new realm, Duergar made pacts with some of the Devils and the prisoners became the jailers.

The Fall

Duergar was reminded of the taste of defeat when, after a hundred years spent on the World, The First One came back Under the Mountain. The Devils Duergar had enlisted betrayed him and helped The First One to take over the Western Throne. Mad with anger following his defeat, Duergar turned to a new source of power, a power The First One had used against him: the Void. Duergar forged for himself new weapons and armours into the Void and kept on fighting The First One and his agents at every occasions. Duergar caused so much destruction around himself that he ended up being swallowed by the Void he created.

Scroll II - Duergar

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