Scroll I - Daric

Scroll I – Daric

The Rise

Mankind was leaving amongst the beats in harmony with the World. Then the First One came and made humans aware of their own Intelligence. He taught them to kill trees to build fires and shelters, and to kill other beasts to wear their skins. In the guise of a false god, He showed Mankind how to tame other animals like He had Himself tamed the spirits of the Horse, the Dog and the Bull. In time, The Fist One taught to the most intelligent humans the Power of magic, and to one of them, to Daric, how to have Power over other humans.

The Betrayal

Convinced by the First One that He Was the one true god, and that Mankind had been chosen by Him to rule over the World, Daric used his Power over the other humans to raise an army. His men had learned to ride horses to carry them across vast distances in short periods of time. They had also learned to use bulls to farm the earth and produce food to feed large armies. Daric led his warriors to the South to cast Ensifer down his Throne.

The People in the South were corrupted by hubris. The notion that they had been given the World to live on by the Creator had led them to love themselves more than Her. The People always thought of men as animals and when Daric’s army arrived they were not ready. In the confusion of the battle, The First One, riding in a chariot of fire and armed with a trident, fought Ensifer and casted the Wind from the South down of his earthly Throne. When reinforcements finally arrived from the West, it was too late. The South was taken.

The Fall

After the victory of the human army over the People in the South, Daric crowned himself King of Mankind. That spurred the envy of his generals who started to plot against him. One night, Daric and his sons were assassinated. His generals then started to fight each other to succeed him, but none of them had the Intelligence or Power to rule over such a vast kingdom. The sons of the generals continued the fight of their fathers and their sons after them. The war never ended, and the Southern Throne remains empty.

Scroll I - Daric

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