Revelation to Zuckmar

Zuckmar was a wealthy Merchant Prince from Levantian. He was sailing West when his ship was destroyed in a storm, and most of his Fortune with it. Zuckmar landed on the shore of a desert Island, alone.

Zuckmar spent the first seven days on the Island building a shelter and amassing food to ensure his survival. Then he spent 77 days praying the 4 Winds to send help his way. After 777 days on the Island, Zuckmar lost hope.

This is when Eastmael, the Wind from the East, chose to appear to Zuckmar and granted him the following revelations:

- This World is Nothing. The Creator is Everything.
- You must renounce the World to escape from the Wheel of Reincarnation and achieve Illumination.
- Be your own Prophet. There should be Nothing between the Creator and You.
- Destroy the Idols and false relics that pretend to tie the Creator to this World, for this world is Nothing.
- The Word is to be spoken, not written or read. Writing the Word ties it to this World, and this Word is Nothing.
- The End is near. Those who did not renounce the World will be destroy with it.
- Three others will come before the 4 Corners of the World are folded onto its Center.

Revelation to Zuckmar

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