I – The Book of Melvin

The Awakening

Melvin was the slave of a warlord named Principe. Principe was at war with his neighbour, another cruel and evil warlord named Guelfrom. As he was leading his troops toward the enemy, Principe was ambushed by Guelfrom’s men and his army was decimated. Now standing alone against the enemy, Principe showed courage and engaged them. The fight was short and Principe, pierced by a spear, fell to the ground. Melvin heard a voice from the sky telling him that the Creator needed him. Melvin grabbed his master’s weapons and protected him. Guelfrom’s men, impressed by the slave who was willing to stand his ground to defend a cruel master, fled leaving both men alive. Someone in the world had proved that goodness existed and Mankind had found its champion in Melvin. The warlord thanked his slave and, seeing his wisdom, freed him, kneeled, and proclaimed that Melvin was now the master and he his servant.

The Prophecy

Melvin and Principe left the war behind to hunt a Beast that was prowling in the land. Rumours had it that this Beast would one day bring the end of the world by eating the Moon, the Sun and the Last Man. Melvin and Principe followed the trail of death and destruction left by the Beast until they caught up to it in the Dark Forest. Melvin and the Beast fought for a full moon. The Beast seemed invincible, but Melvin was never afraid. He knew he could defeat it because he knew from where all things came from. Suddenly, a voice boomed in the sky and asked “has the man proved himself?” The Beast kneeled in front of Melvin as a sign of respect. The world was saved.

When he came back in his lands, the people saw Melvin as the greatest hero of all time. Melvin Righteous-Arm became his name. To the people who asked the secret of his power, Melvin replied: “To those who follow me, you are blessed, for you know the power of the Creator, the source of everything. I did nothing. She withdrew the curse. All that was needed was for Mankind to acknowledge Her existence and follow Her principles. Have faith. You saw Her power. Love Her, for She created you. I am but a man like you.” The crowd was in awe at these words, for the Creator had been long forgotten. Melvin`s followers were happy to hear what deep down, they knew all along. They feasted for days.


Guelfrom’s men arrived after the feast to kill the Believers. Melvin stood in front of the warriors and told that he was he was the leader of the group. He explained to them that it was useless to capture the others as it was him the warlord really wanted.

The warriors took Melvin to Guelfrom. The warlord insulted Melvin and committed blasphemy. Melvin knew his time had come. He was happy. His prophecy was coming to an end. The world had been saved. Melvin walked toward the warlord and kissed him on the check. Guelfrom died instantly. Has he was doing this last act of Justice, and by doing so allowing his followers to live, Melvin was stabbed in the back by the warlord’s men. One said “this is vengeance”, and his is struck by lightning. The other said “What horrible crime have I just committed?”, his hands were struck by a disease and he joined the believers. The last one said nothing, for he had acted out of loyalty for his lord. He left Melvin’s remains be carried away by his followers and became the new warlord.

Melvin died, mankind lives. The Creator is in our hearts. Do not cry, be happy, for the challenges to come will be harsh. We have nothing to fear for we have the Prophecy.


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