Gwyddion and the Dwarf

Gwyddion was the most unlucky man of the world. He was banned from his home because of the curse he was inflicting on his village.

As he was hunting in the woods one day, Gwyddion stumble upon a pack of goblins that had captured a Dwarf. The goblins gave Gwyddion the beating of his life, but Gwiddion barely prevailed at the end, and they left him and the Dwarf alone.

- “This is the luckiest day of my long life. If it wasn’t for you, I would be dead”, said the Dwarf.
- “And it is the worst of mine” replied Gwyddion, “I almost died here”.
- “Then let me reward you with my most precious treasure. I found this gold coin in the hoard of a sleeping Dragon. It brought me luck ever since. You need it more than me.”

The Dwarf left Gwyddion, perplex, looking at the twisted piece of gold.

The following years were the best of Gwyddion’s life. He moved to the Village were he became a prosperous cattle breeder and founded a family. He was the hero of many exploits too numerous to list here.

One day, the Dwarf that Gwyddion had saved years earlier came to the Village. He told Gwyddion:
- “You saved me from the Goblins once, now it is my turn. Gave me the Coin back, or bad luck awaits”.
- “This Coin turned my life around and made me rich. It brought me luck so far and helped me through many adventures. It will help me through the next one”.
- “Because you saved my life, I will not insist, but beware of your greed.”

The following night, the Goblins took Gwyddion’s children. Gwyddion then understood that his luck had turned again, and that greed was his curse. Gwyddion gave the Goblins his whole fortune as a ransom to have his children back, including his lucky Coin. This was the last gold piece ever seen in the Village since then.


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