The Beginning

The Creator is everything. Her creation is pure goodness. First She weaved the sky. Then she created a nest of earth crimped in the oceans. She breathed life and shaped it in all its forms: trees, flowers and animals. Everything had its place and lived in harmony. Everything was perfect.

The First One

For the world to be loved, it needed a sentient inhabitant. She then created a conscious being and gave him Her power to live on the world. The First One entered the world. But instead of accepting the world as it was, He wanted to change and control it. To get shelter from the cold, He killed trees to build a house. To travel faster, He had beasts to carry him. The Creator allowed this and judged Him. The day came when the First One decided to use His powers to control the world. These changes allowed Him to use the world to His own satisfaction, without caring for the world. His spirit was corrupted. He thought He had no need for the Creator and abjured Her. The Creator then understood that the First One had failed to understand why She created him, and turned Her gaze away from Him. He was condemned to be exiled from the world.

The People

The Creator was not done with the world and She created the People to live in it. The People would be immortal and suffer no harm from the world for as long as it respected it. The Creator distributed Her power amongst the members of the People. They were the chosen and lived in happiness.

The Four Winds

To protect and teach the nine Cardinal Virtues, She created four winds who would each lead a part of the People. Valoic, the Wind from the North, was the Wind of Justice and Self-Sacrifice. His relic was the Sword of Retribution. He used it to punish the wicked and reward the braves. Ensifer, the Wind from the South, was the Wind of Courage and Compassion. His Relic was the Solar Shield. He used it to protect the weak. Eastmael, the Wind from the East, was the Wind of Honesty and Honour. His relic was the Peace Banner. He used it to bring harmony amongst the People. Kelvin, the Wind from the West, was the Wind of Humility and Discipline. His relic was the Chain of Service. He used it to remind all that the Winds were both representative and servant of the Creator.

The ninth Virtue was not revealed by the Winds, as they could not understand nor teach it.

The Betrayal

The leaders of the People realized the magnitude of the power given to them by the Creator and decided that it would be better for them to exploit the world. The First One corrupted them and they worshiped Him. Monuments were erected in His name and the Creator was forgotten. Idolatry and blasphemy filled the People’s heart. The First One raised an army and took over the physical world. He defeated the Winds and cast them down from their thrones. The Creator told the Four Winds that they had failed their task. She ordered them to find the last members of the People who had faith in Her. The Winds found a family whose members were pure of heart and brought them to a new land. The Cosmic Fire then fell on the People from the sky and its land was frozen forever. The Four Winds then left the world to reside in the sky.

The First One and the Spirits

The First One traveled to the Dark Forest to find the Spirits of Nature and those refugees from the People who had seek the Spirits’ protection. The First One asked their King to join him in seeking revenge against the Creator. The King refused and a terrible fight ensued. The King pierced the First One with five gold arrows and the First One was banished Under the Mountain. The Snakes of Knowledge were born from the bleeding wounds of the First One.

The Plea of Mankind

Humans rose from amongst the beasts that populated the world. One day, one of them screamed to the sky: “Why, oh Creator, do you turn your gaze away from us? Did we ever betray you? As for us, we know that every time we see another man, a tree, the earth or the sky, it is you we are looking at. We worship you, and you forget us.” The Winds heard the man from the sky and asked the Creator to bless Mankind. She agreed to give Mankind only one gift, a gift she never bestowed upon the First One or the People. This gift was an immortal soul. Human bodies would remain mortal, weak and exposed to the sufferings of the world, but after they die, the souls of men and women would be reborn until they proved then can be trusted to be the wardens of the world.

The Prophets

In order to help Mankind reach Illumination, the Winds promised that Prophets would arise from the Wheel of Reincarnation and that they, being humans, would be able to teach all nine cardinal virtues, including the ninth that was impossible for the Winds to comprehend.


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