Fatespinner's Tap House

Fatespinner’s (as it is called for short) is the local Inn. This Inn is of moderate size and was built about 40 years ago.

The atmoshpere is typically loud. “Drink Up! There’s another keg on its way! A party is in full swing, with strangers and friends alike sharing tales, beer and merriment”

Rooms: 6 rooms for rent

Staff: 5 servers and 2 bouncers

Barkeep/Owner: Aleb Kennisville (Human Male, 44)

Typical occupants (on an average evening):

  • 1 Bard
  • 22 Commoners
  • 7 Merchants
  • 3-4 Militia
  • 3-4 ‘Adventuring Types’
  • 2 Priests (Divine or Nature)
  • 6 Other

Daily Specials (usually alternate):

Beef Stew and Sourdough servers with a Rice Wine

Baked Boar and Greens served with a Wainwright Whiskey

Fatespinner's Tap House

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