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  • Gwyddion's Lucky Coin

    This item is known in the Village as [[gwyddion | Gwyddion]]'s Lucky Coin. The gold coin is split in the midddle and is usually worn around the neck with a leather string. One side of the coin depicts a Rosewind and the other a representation of …

  • Horn Tusk Armour

    As it left Gord's body and passed though his armour, the Spirit of the Boar left a little bit of himself in the woodman's hide armour.

  • Horned Helm

    Helm taken as trophy by Harask on the body of Earl Borg's brother.

  • Seeker Javelin

    When the Spirit of the Fox left Mave, some of its essence stuck to Mave's javelin.

  • Bracers of Archery

    When the Spirit of the Wolf left Redgar, wolf fur grew on Redgar's bracers, turning them into bracers of archery.

  • Amulet of Life

    *Amulet of Life* (Builder, +1, 1000 gp) - _Shaped like a Windrose, blessed by the Oriental Cardinal_. Bought from the Levantine Merchant Princes.

  • Fey Silver Sword

    This Blade was carried by the leader of a group of Elves who attacked a Levantine Merchant Prince.

  • King Melwas' Sporran

    The Sporran was offered to Harask "The Wise" by King Melwas as a reward for the safe return of his daughter. The item being druidic in nature, Melwas agreed to part with it as a show of the strength of his faith in the Creator, the Winds, and the Prophet.

  • Clockwork Crossbow

    This item was crafted by the Dwarves of Vorpal. It has a very sophisticated sight system that greatly increases the accuracy of this weapon. Drawoc purchased it from an armoury in Alba.

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