Gathering in the North: Yggdrasil Has Spoken
Gathering in the North

As Oneye died and was sucked out of the World, Yggdrasil screamed in pain. Silverwing though he understood what the Three of Life was saying, and revealed what he heard to Blueface and Stonehearth:

Humans will ignore Yggdrasil. They will betray the Winds like the Winds betrayed us, and like we betrayed our Father. They are weak and won’t be able to protect the World unless they come to peace with Nature.

Blueface and the Beast Riders
Gathering in the North

Blueface was looking at the horizon. The Arcane was at the edge of the Evergrey, the True North, where it is never really day or night, as if the Cataclysm had also put an end to the cycle of the Sun and Moon. One of the tribes he had sent North would return today. He had seen the signs.

White silhouettes finally appeared on the grey background, slowly approaching through the blizzard, the Beast Riders had finally made it back:

- Master , said the one of Firebolg mounted on a dire bear, it took us a long time, but we finally found it. We had been going at it the wrong way, looking for a tower standing in a desolated land. Once we realized our mistake, we knew where to look. However, we still can’t get in.

- Let me worry about getting inside said the Arcane. You’ve done well, Chieftain. Return to your lands. You might find them inhabited by a lesser race of men, but I am confident in your ability to reclaim them. A lot has change while you were gone.

Silverwing - the Faey Court
Gathering in the North

Navigating fey politics was more complex and dangerous than sailing Shipwrecker Bay. Eladrins and Elves were still very suspicious of one another, even a thousand years after the Cataclysm. The lost of their immortally at the contact of the Void had brought the Elves refugees to value life in all its forms, but had also made them very careful individuals. The Eladrins on the other hand were perpetuating the arrogance of the People. Intrigue is everything in a society where you cannot simply move up the social ladder as a result of the natural passing of those above you. At Faey Luna’s Court, The Bard with a Viper’s Tongue was making a fortune building and destroying reputations.

Silverwing had to find the right angle to convince the Queen of the Feys to provide him warriors and a proper weapon for his quest. But once the Arcane had convinced Faey Luna that Oneye could be a menace to her reign, she understood that it was in her own interest to cooperate.

Stoneheart II
Gathering in the North

Once again, Stoneheart had to take his burden across, or rather underneath, an ocean. It would be the tool to some dirty work, but it had to be done. Oneye had gone to far, and the Spirits were in agreement on ending the threat , if not on how to do it.

The Arcane from the West would have to find some muscle locally. He would not risk his own dwarves on the task. The were valuable to him and their sense of self-righteousness could prove inconvenient. No, he would have to find powerful allies in the North who did not fear to do what had to be done by any mean necessary.

The Hierophant
Gathering in the North

The Hierophant of Frosbite stepped out of the Evegrey when he heard the call. An Arcane from the North would be recalled to Yggdrasil. His own Arcane had been the first to fall centuries ago, during the Summer of the Arcanes. but now it was clearly Fall. Greenstep had been recalled only a few months ago, and Hemlock 25 years prior to that.

This time Yggdrasil had sent the Spirits of Bear, the Snake and the Hawk to announce that it was time for another Arcane to rejoin the Roots of the Earth. The Spirits were in a violent mood. They were out for blood, announcing that the next death would be violent. The Bear had the rage of a mother protecting her cubs. The Snake, always close to the Earth, had its mouth full of venom, a poison that would bring death wherever it was spilled. The Hawk was coming from afar to hunt in these territories. Watching from high in the Sky, It had its own plans and motivations.

The Arcanes would soon gather at the frozen edge of the World, but one of them would not walk away from that meeting.


And Zephyr, speaking through his sister, told the Quester:

You are of Humble origin, and yet, despite your modest abilities, managed to cross half the world to save your sister, and had the courage to take on this burden.

Your quest now starts, for it is not a Cardinal that Kelvin sees in you, but a Quester. A war is being waged under the Mountain, and Kelvin need your help to find the weapons he need to fight the First One.

Ages ago, the flesh of the First One was pierce by the 5 Gold Arrows of the King of the Forest. The Snakes of Knowledge were born from his bleeding wounds, 6 of them. The Weapons that caused the wounds are still on the World. Find the Snakes, and you will find the Arrows. Bring them Under the Mountain to take your place in Kelvin’s Army.

Beware, not unlike you, the first Questor was of Faey blood. He was betrayed by his friends and disappear. Your Friends are on a Quest inspired by my brother Ensifer. it is not for me ton interfere. A Prophet has been lost, and he must be found too.

This is the day our Order was born.

Sir Antonio Don Esteban – Lieutenant-General of the Holy Order of the Questers, formerly of the Prevorian Inquisition.

The Chain of Service
Research Paper by Abbot Sigmund

The Chain of Service is the Relic of Kelvin, the Wind from the West. It represents both Kalvin’s virtues of Humility and Discipline. In the Western Tradition, the Chain of Service was forge by the Mythic Dwarves of Under the Mountain to help the Wind from the West keep the First One in check.

The Relic appears throughout History in different forms. Most chroniclers describe it as a chain worn around the neck or the waist. Others make it a weapon that could be used like a flail. In its rarest forms, the Chain of Service is also described as a full chainmail armour or a single ring. The appearance of several incarnations of the Chain during a same period also led some historians to believe that the Relic might have been counterfeit.

In recent History, Incarnations of the Chain of Service have been worn by the reigning Cardinal up until 50 years ago, when Cardinal Freidrich lost his in his battle against the she-Devil Baelzra. No Patriarch was ever ordained Cardinal after the incident.

The Gathering

The three Arcanes that had been called, Greenstep, Stoneheart and Oneye, gathered in the circle of standing stones. The Salmon was recalling Greenstep to Yggradsil. The Arcane had travel back to his homeland to die and be reborn. Being the closest to the Three of Life, Greenstep was chosen to interpret Yggdrasil’s message to the crowd of kings and druids:

As we Arcanes retire, Humans shall rise and name their own kings. The World is our legacy to them.

Greenstep then appointed Vernon the Druid as his Hierophant, and as the Arcane’s spirit returned to the Earth, his body turned into a three that would keep living for decades.

This is the moment Stoneheart chose to warn his brother:

- Oneye, the Season of War has not come yet, but let me give you this warning. Stop experimenting with the Void, or I shall stop you myself.

- You do not understand. There is something more beyond this World. Creation goes beyond that. There is light in the darkness.

Both Arcanes parted on this disagreement.

Then the Hierophant chose the crown that the next High King would wear. He picked one that had been blessed by a foreign god, for the knew faith was to unite Mankind. Vernon crowned Melwas, who believed in the new religion:

Yggdrasil wants Mankind to choose its own kings and make its own laws. This is not possible if Humans keep worshiping the Arcanes as their gods. Melwas, the tribes all agreed on this process, so I make you High King of Kymuria. However, we Druids shall now retire from Human politic.

This is what happened on the first day of the Year of the Salmon – Bardic Chronicles


After traveling through the bowels of the Earth, Stoneheart emerged from the ground in Kymuria.

If I am here to give the Humans a King, I will not go down without a fight. Though decisions have been made to prevent chaos, and several others will follow. The faint of heart are still ahead, but I am closing in. At least, Oneye and his corruption are still contained.


Oneye, riding a giant see lion, was the second Arcane to arrive in Kymuria.

The seeds of emptiness have been brought to this land. Do we have to destroy this world before we can build a better one? Pull on a single loose tread and the whole tapestry of reality can be unweave. But where does everything go once it’s been swallowed? Can it be pulled back out? Maybe I should go and see for myself. But Greenstep is still walking ahead of me, so maybe my time hasn’t come yet.


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