The Woodsman's Log

Entry One

It was a day like any other in The Village.
Harry, Mave, Reg, and I were down at the Fatespinner’s Tap House having lunch,
when a dark-tanned stranger in his mid 30s walks in.
He’s got a brown Winrose symbol around his neck and a leather parchment tube over his shoulder.
Reg goes and checks him out.
He introduces himself as Alvito from the southern city of Daraka.
Alvito says he is travelling north to Barbarian Lands, and has come to the
Fate=Spinner to meet a Guide who will take him north.
Alvito says he doesn’t know who his Guide is (We don’t have any idea who it could be either),
but says his guide will recognize him.

The thing around his neck is his holy symbol. He’s a monk
He brings news of the Prophet Melvin Righteous-Arm.

Alvito checks in to the Inn, and we sits down to waits for this Guide to shows up.

Just then in runs Farmer Ted. ted says some horrible monster is scaring his cattle.
Sounds interesting, so we all goes along with Reg to see what’s up with that.

When we gets there, there’s a really big bird track and a really big bird.
I sneaks around behind it and tries to gets the drop on it.
We all have a go but right when we drops it, the crazy thing esplodes and burns off
half me beard. It leaves a weird pile of ashes in the shape of a bird outline,
and in the ashes we finds an egg-shaped rock, which is warm. Like, always warm.
So I stuffs that in my backpack, thinking maybe Vernon the druid can verify what that is,
but we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that bird may have been a Phoenix,
which would mean a) them legends is true and 2) we maybe has ourselves something really valuable.

Reg patches me up and we’s standing around wondering about what this all might mean
when we hears angry dogs a coming, and next thing you know they burst’s through the woods and set on us so we’s forced to kill them. At least they didn’t esplode when we kilt them. Harry spent most of da fight on his arse, them wolves is tricksy dat way.

So we’s standing around wiping off blood and I’s about to skin dem wolves when we notices they’d got collars and that means they’re hunting dogs and that ain’t good. And round about then along comes Jarlax on horseback with a couple of his lackeys and he is pissed. So he gets to yakkin on Reg and he’s like “Bailiff, you done killed my dogs, and lost me my prey and now’s you gotta be either my dogs or my prey because I needs something to appease the Python, the Snake in the River, cause summer is comin’ and if you don’t feeds him he rises, and nobody want that.” So he says we gotta find him an elf or a dwarf or a bugbear or something immortal and we gives us like 13 days until he’s coming back and if we ain’t got one of them by then we’s screwed.

So off he rides, and what more is there to say? Harry got some belt buckles from the dog collars outta the deal and I skinned them dogs for leather and took the meat back to see if Aleb will buy it for meat pies and then a big piece of dogmeat for Ma’s stew.

Regdar's letter #1

Dear brother,

Sorry for keeping you waiting so long for a response to your last letter, as you know, I do not have the love for words you have. Or your talent for that matter…

You asked for accounts of my adventures here so you may write songs and stories to tell at The Wild Boar and I did not have much to tell you about to be honest… Mostly the occasionnal fighting at Fatespinner’s Inn… Not as big a place as The Wild Boar, but it is quite busy and the ale is fantastic!

Food is good, too, as long as you don’t ask questions about where the meat is from… More on that later…

I was enjoying a meal and a beer with some locals the other night. A good bunch of guys, even Harask. If bringing him in jail every other day to sober him up after a fight was quite annoying at first, I spent so much time with the guy that I started to enjoy his company… Sure he likes a good fight and is very good at finding any number of reasons to punch a guy in the face, but he’s not a bad fellow. And one of the best smith I know!

But anyway, back to my story. So we were having a meal when that priest comes in, wearing a purple robe and a large golden wind rose around his neck. He ordered an ale and just sat there… People are generally good around here, but walking around with something that looks that expensive without wearing any weapon seemed like trouble waiting to happen for the poor guy.

Harask wanted to challenge the priest to an arm wrestling match… probably his idea of a warm welcome… Fortunately I was able to make him decide against it and went greet him by myself. And then he started to ramble on and on about the Creator and Melvin and the First One… Just some ordinary fanatic with a death wish…

A priest from the South heading North. He wants the barbarians to become believers! Imagine that! He bored me half to death with his story, and I like stories… To be fair I lost faith in believers long ago, I’ve seen what they do in the name of their “god”…

While Brother Alvito was entertaining me on the fact he was supposed to meet a guide he did not know to bring him North, a farmer storms in with a story about a large bird attacking his cattle or something to that effect. So I go and the guys follow me. The farmer was not one to be inventing stories or stirring the pot for the fun of it, so I was rather curious as to what it was all about.

Well brother, you will not believe what we found in the woods. A pheonix. A real pheonix. Much less pretty than what the stories will have you believe though… but we hunted it down thanks to Gordo’s tracking abilities, Mave’s bizarre javelin and Harask strenght. I sort of stood there amazed at the powers these guys have! Quite incredible fighters. I provided some tactical knowledge but they were amazing, it felt like old times when I was fighting with the Company! Sure, you’ll tell me it was just some oversized chicken we fought, but still…

How do I know it’s a pheonix? Well it just bursted into flames when Gordo gave the last strike! And there was the egg… I know this is hard to believe, but I swear that’s what happened.

But that’s not all…

At that moment, we were attacked by a pack of dogs that were hunting that same pheonix. Unfortunately, we had to kill the dogs in self-defense. Even less fortunate is the fact they were the Warlord’s son’s dogs… When Jarlax arrived on the scene he was not very impressed by our killing his dogs… and losing his prey (we made sure he did not realise we had killed it, too!). So he sent us get him another magical creature to feed the python in the river (remember that story I told you we were telling the people so they would pay their taxes? Well I am starting to believe it’s more than just a story…)

I realise it all sounds crazy, but I need you to trust me and believe me, we have always been honest with each other and it is not different now.

We are leaving tomorrow to go up North and find another magical creature. We are keeping the egg for now, it might prove useful in the future. Do you know anything about pheonix’s eggs?

We will offer Brother Alvito to come with us, for a fee of course. He might have some coins so we can buy supplies for our hunting trip…

I’m going to sleep now brother, hopefully I’ll have more stories for you when I get back.


PS: About the meat… Gordo decided to skin the dogs and sell the meat to the innkeeper… Let me tell you I am not eating there in the near future! I can’t think of anything worst than eating a dog stew…

On the way North

Brother Alvito was traveling the sinuous paths of the Northern Province and thinking “incredible how there is not a single straight road in this part of the world. No wonder why they are so cut off from civilization. But I shall not judge them too severely when most of the so-called civilized people still refused the truth of the Prophet. ” The monk paused for a moment. How was he supposed to go East when all the trails were going either North or South. “The Cardinal was right to give me the Scroll after all. The Mages won’t lay hands on it if I can’t even find the way back myself I supposed.” The way back… He should not be thinking about it. He was to head North after he met his guide to bring the words of the Prophet to the barbarian tribes, and in exchange find a safe place for the Scroll.


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