The Chain of Service
Research Paper by Abbot Sigmund

The Chain of Service is the Relic of Kelvin, the Wind from the West. It represents both Kalvin’s virtues of Humility and Discipline. In the Western Tradition, the Chain of Service was forge by the Mythic Dwarves of Under the Mountain to help the Wind from the West keep the First One in check.

The Relic appears throughout History in different forms. Most chroniclers describe it as a chain worn around the neck or the waist. Others make it a weapon that could be used like a flail. In its rarest forms, the Chain of Service is also described as a full chainmail armour or a single ring. The appearance of several incarnations of the Chain during a same period also led some historians to believe that the Relic might have been counterfeit.

In recent History, Incarnations of the Chain of Service have been worn by the reigning Cardinal up until 50 years ago, when Cardinal Freidrich lost his in his battle against the she-Devil Baelzra. No Patriarch was ever ordained Cardinal after the incident.

The Gathering

The three Arcanes that had been called, Greenstep, Stoneheart and Oneye, gathered in the circle of standing stones. The Salmon was recalling Greenstep to Yggradsil. The Arcane had travel back to his homeland to die and be reborn. Being the closest to the Three of Life, Greenstep was chosen to interpret Yggdrasil’s message to the crowd of kings and druids:

As we Arcanes retire, Humans shall rise and name their own kings. The World is our legacy to them.

Greenstep then appointed Vernon the Druid as his Hierophant, and as the Arcane’s spirit returned to the Earth, his body turned into a three that would keep living for decades.

This is the moment Stoneheart chose to warn his brother:

- Oneye, the Season of War has not come yet, but let me give you this warning. Stop experimenting with the Void, or I shall stop you myself.

- You do not understand. There is something more beyond this World. Creation goes beyond that. There is light in the darkness.

Both Arcanes parted on this disagreement.

Then the Hierophant chose the crown that the next High King would wear. He picked one that had been blessed by a foreign god, for the knew faith was to unite Mankind. Vernon crowned Melwas, who believed in the new religion:

Yggdrasil wants Mankind to choose its own kings and make its own laws. This is not possible if Humans keep worshiping the Arcanes as their gods. Melwas, the tribes all agreed on this process, so I make you High King of Kymuria. However, we Druids shall now retire from Human politic.

This is what happened on the first day of the Year of the Salmon – Bardic Chronicles


After traveling through the bowels of the Earth, Stoneheart emerged from the ground in Kymuria.

If I am here to give the Humans a King, I will not go down without a fight. Though decisions have been made to prevent chaos, and several others will follow. The faint of heart are still ahead, but I am closing in. At least, Oneye and his corruption are still contained.


Oneye, riding a giant see lion, was the second Arcane to arrive in Kymuria.

The seeds of emptiness have been brought to this land. Do we have to destroy this world before we can build a better one? Pull on a single loose tread and the whole tapestry of reality can be unweave. But where does everything go once it’s been swallowed? Can it be pulled back out? Maybe I should go and see for myself. But Greenstep is still walking ahead of me, so maybe my time hasn’t come yet.


Like the Salmon who swims up river, Greenstep arrived to the land where is current incarnation was born.

People who left long ago are traveling back to Kymuria with good intentions. Potential enemies are finding common ground and making peace. Surely the Salmon is calling me back here to spread the wisdom of Yggdrasil before I die, and like the title of High King of the Green Island, be reborn.

The Crossing

During the crossing to the Green Island, an interesting conversation took place between Vernon the Druid and Brother Donatello:

-[Donatello] So my friend, you believe the Spirits are leading us and the other delegations to Kymuria. This seems to leave little place to freewill.

-[Vernon] The Spirits do not deprive us of our freewill. They merely suggest to us a course of action. They act by driving our natural impulse: the Salmon makes us homesick, the Horse drives us to engage our enemies, the Owl stimulates our curiosity. They always do. The difference right now is that they are all pointing us in the same direction.

-[Donatello] So all the spirits wish one of your Arcane dead, and are inviting us to the funeral?

-[Vernon] Winter has come for one of the Arcanes. He has already been called to return to the Tree of Life by one of the spirits. The other two are only being reminded that their time is close too.

-[Donatello] Can you tell which one it is going to be?

-[Vernon] No. The spirits are all talking at the same time. The Arcanes themselves might not know for sure. They have to listen, and hear which one is the loudest.

-[Donatello] How do you figure that out?

-[Vernon] Look around you. See how people act. This will reveal which Spirit is the most influential in the Green Island.

-[Donatello] This is a fatalistic point of view that I do not share. The Winds thought us that we are responsible for our actions, and that how we live this life will influence our passage through the Wheel to the next, until we reach Illumination, or eternal damnation. The First One blindly followed his instincts, what you name Spirits. He made bad choices and was banned from the Creation. The Virtues though by the Winds are mostly about curbing our primal instincts and do what is best for the greater good. How people choose to act shapes their destiny, and maybe even the destiny of your Arcanes…

Reflection of the Soul

“The next item would be a perfect addition to your collection” said the Merchant Prince to the Warlord. The Prince’s assistant pulled the Skullmace out of a chest and handed it to Jarvanax and his son for inspection. “It belonged to the Bugbear, a creature your men captured I believe.”

The Warlord took the strange weapon. Jarlax would probably want it. Jarvanax looked into the eyes of his son. Something had changed in him. “If I hate my son, it is because I see myself in him” thought the Warlord. “I’ve made him to my image, a monster. I should kill him before he kills me to take my place”.

But the Warlord had his eyes on the wrong enemy. Distracted, he did not felt at first the numbness in his hand. When he noticed it, it soon turned into a sharp pain shooting through his arm to his chest. “All this for Nothing….” he thought as his heart stopped.

The Call – Oneye

What is it I saw in the Darkness? A point of Light? What if it was something worth saving, a fragment of the World drifting in the Void. Has the time come for me to travel there to see for myself?

The Call – Stoneheart

The Dwarves working the mithral.
Their hammers hitting the anvils.
The heartbeat of the Earth.
bing bing
A change in cadence.
A call for war.
bing bing bing
Time to bring death to the enemy.
bing bing bing, bing bing bing, bing bing bing

The Call – Greenstep

For the cycle to be perpetuated, a time comes when the giver of life must surrender his own. Like the fruit that falls close to the tree, he would go to ground in the land that gave birth to his last incarnation. But has his time come?


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