The Shamrock Brotherhood's treasure chest

Treasure Chest


The item sold by the Levantine Merchant Princes as the Shamrock Brotherhood’s treasure chest is an oak chest with six bronze snakes wrapped around it. Where the lock should be on the chest, there is a gold three leaf clover. There is a green precious stone inlaid in each halves of the clover leaves. The chest has no hinges and can’t be pried open.


Clues from the Levantine:

- The chest is sealed with Magic from Under the Mountain;
- 6 keywords are required to open the chest;
- the 6 keywords are grouped in 3 pairs;
- you need the correct 3 pairs of keywords to open the chest;
- the order of the pairs is not important;
- all keywords are related;
- the chest is magically trapped;
- providing a keyword that is not in the list will immediately spring the trap;
- providing the wrong pair of keywords won’t spring the trap, but the chest won’t open.

The Shamrock Brotherhood's treasure chest

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