weapon (melee)


Voidblade: level +6

Lvl 5 +1
Lvl 10 +2
Lvl 15 +3
Lvl 20 +4
Lvl 25 +5
Lvl 30 +6

Weapon: Greatsword

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d12 damage per plus

Property: if Raganrok is out of its scabbard and you did not do any damage on your turn, take 10 necrotic damage.

Property: Whenever you use a Void Point to score a critical hit with this weapon, the extra critical damage is also maxed out.

Property: Whenever you roll the maximum result on any damage die for this weapon, roll that die again and add the additional result to the damage total. If a reroll results in another maximum damage result, roll it again and keep adding.

Property: Whenever you reduce a creature to 0 hit points or lower using this weapon, the creature dies and cannot be brought back to life.

Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Deal an extra 3d12 necrotic damage with the attack.


According to Legends, Ragnarok was forged in the Void by Faey Luna, the Queen fo the Faey. She would have plunged it into Eastmael’s hearth, destroying his ability to manage his emotions.

It is also said that King Oberon brought the sword with him to hunt the First One.

Recently the Party learned from the Arcane Stoneheart that Frostbite was the First one Oberon was after, and that he finished him off using Ragnarok. Understanding that he Void blade would eventually turn on him, and to make peace with the Arcanes, Oberon gave Ragnarok to Stoneheart for safekeeping.


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