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In the World of the Prophecy, there are less magic items than in a regular D&D setting. Magic imbued items are therefore of more significance in this world. To keep the items meaning full as a character gain levels, the item must evolve with him. The level of a magic item depends on the level of its user plus a modifier depending of its quality. The types of magic items are described below as a general guideline.

Blessed / Enchanted Items (Level + 1)
Blessed items were created as ordinary objects. Their special properties come from a blessing from a religious authority or an enchantment from a wizard received after the creation of the object. Examples: the sword of a Knight blessed by the Cardinal; an object enchanted with the Enchant Magic Item ritual .

Arcane Creations (Level + 2)
Items that were created as magic items in the first place, using ancient procedures and rituals. It takes more than just time and money to create such items. Specific procedures must be followed and rare components must be obtained. Examples: Object created by the Mythic Races (Dwarves, Fey); a sword forged by following the instructions of an ancient dwarven scroll.

Legendary Items (Level + 3)
These are famous objects that belonged to famous people and were used to accomplish exploits or infamy. These items usually have a name. They can’t be reproduced, but your own item can become one of them if you become famous yourself. Examples: Gwyddion’s Lucky Coin; the Crown of King Daric.

Artefacts (Level + 4)
Artefacts are legendary items related to powerful immortals or Prophets. Some are forged in places such as Under the Mountain or in the Dark Forest. Examples: the Sword of the Devil Cornudrax; The Boots of Zephyr, the messenger of the Winds; The Staff of Stoneheart the Arcane.

Relics (Level + 5)
The most precious of all items, Relics were often blessed by the Winds or Cursed by the First One. Examples: the Gold Arrows used by the King of the Fey to injure the First One; Valoic’s Sword of Retribution.

Void Forged (Level + 6)
Forged into the Void using forbidden magic, Void Forged items are tools of pure destruction. They are known to bring the doom or their bearer. Example: The Sword Known as Ragnarok.


After the fall of the ancient Kingdoms of the Winds, most of the arcane knowledge developed by The People was lost. Scholars studied what they could find about the Art, but applied it with limited success. The other thing is that skill and hard work are not enough to learn most forms of magic, arcane or divine. To be able to master the Art is a gift only bestowed upon a few. The most learned scholar or the most devoted ecclesiastic might not have it.

Magic Items Mecanics

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