King Melwas' Sporran

Healer's Sash


Level +2, min level 11 (

Lvl 11 9,000 gp
Lvl 21 225,000 gp

Item Slot: Waist
Property: This sash can have no more than 5 charges at one time and resets to 1 charge after an extended rest.
Power (At-Will): Standard Action. You or an adjacent ally expends a healing surge but does not regain hit points as normal. Instead, add 1 charge to this sash.
Power (Encounter ✦ Healing): Immediate Reaction. Use this power when an ally within 5 squares of you takes damage. Expend 1 charge from the belt. The ally regains hit points as though he or she had spent a healing surge, and regains an extra 1d6 hit points.
Level 21: +2d6 hit points.


The Sporran was offered to Harask “The Wise” by King Melwas as a reward for the safe return of his daughter. The item being druidic in nature, Melwas agreed to part with it as a show of the strength of his faith in the Creator, the Winds, and the Prophet.

King Melwas' Sporran

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