Divine Boon
Property: for as long as you do not make any attack during an encounter, gain a bonus to all defences and stealth checks.
lvl / bonus
1 / +1
6 / +2
11 / +3
16 / +4
21 / +5
27 / +6
Power (daily): minor action, become invisible for an hour. You can’t use this power to dissapear from the sight of somebody. This power cannot be activated during combat (but it can be activated before a combat starts). Attacking or using a power makes you become visible again.


Humility was one of the Cardinal Virtues thought to The People by Kalvin, the Wind from the West. Brother Alvito showed that he masters this Virtue.

Be humble before of the Creator. Recognize that you are nothing and that She is everything, and the Winds migth grant you this divine boon.


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