Gwyddion's Lucky Coin

Gwyddion's Lucky Coin


Legendary Item (Level +3)
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex and Will

Lvl 3 +1
Lvl 8 +2
Lvl 13 +3
Lvl 18 +4
Lvl 23 +5
Lvl 23 +5

Property: +1 Bonus to saving throws (does not go up with level).
Power (daily): Reroll any dice roll.


This item is known in the Village as Gwyddion’s Lucky Coin. The gold coin is split in the midddle and is usually worn around the neck with a leather string.

One side of the coin depicts a Rosewind and the other a representation of Ensifer, the Wind from the South.

Gwyddion's Lucky Coin

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