Divine Boons



To counterbalance the rarity of magic items, divine boons associated to the three majors forces of the world (the Creator, the First One, and the Void) might be awarded. These boons are not meant to be awarded for the accomplishment of a particular task, but rather for the character overall behaviour. A specific event can however be the trigger of the boon being granted.


Divine Boons granted by the Winds and the Creator are based on the 9 Cardinal Virtues:

- Compassion
- Sacrifice
- Humility
- Honesty
- Honour
- Courage
- Justice
- Discipline
- And the 9th Virtue unknown to the Winds

To be granted one of these boons, one must uphold the ideal of the Virtue he seeks.


Divine Boons granted by The First One are called Secrets. They are the gifts the First One received from the Creator to be able to live on the World without ever knowing pain, suffering or death. The Secrets are not widely known. One has to discover them and live by them to be granted the associated boon.


The Void attracts the Void. Those who call upon its power become its agent, voluntarily or not. Spread destruction to become an agent of the Void and master its power even more.

Other Rewards

Other rewards awarded by other entities will also be incorporated. For example the equivalent of Divine Boons awarded by Nature Spirits or Master Training.


Divine Boons

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