Chains Of Service

the Relic of Kelvin


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The Chain of Service is the Relic of Kelvin, the Wind from the West. It represents both Kalvin’s virtues of Humility and Discipline. In the Western Tradition, the Chain of Service was forge by the Mythic Dwarves of Under the Mountain to help the Wind from the West keep the First One in check.

The Relic appears throughout History in different forms. Most chroniclers describe it as a chain worn around the neck or the waist. Others make it a weapon that could be used like a flail. In its rarest forms, the Chain of Service is also described as a full chainmail armour or a single ring. The appearance of several incarnations of the Chain during a same period also led some historians to believe that the Relic might have been counterfeit.

In recent History, Incarnations of the Chain of Service have been worn by the reigning Cardinal up until 50 years ago, when Cardinal Freidrich lost his in his battle against the she-Devil Baelzra. No Patriarch was ever ordained Cardinal after the incident.

Chains Of Service

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