Alvito's Tongue

Peacemaker’s Periapt


Works as a Peacemaker’s Periapt (AV p. 153)

Artefact: Level +4

Lvl 8 +2
Lvl 13 +3
Lvl 18 +4
Lvl 23 +5
Lvl 28 +6

Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: Gain an item bonus to Diplomacy checks equal to the periapt’s enhancement bonus.
Property: Speak and understand all languages.
Power (Daily ✦ Charm): Minor Action. Choose a target within 10 squares of you. That target takes a –2 penalty to melee and ranged attack rolls against you for the remainder of the encounter or until you attack it (whichever comes first).


The severed tongue of the Prophet Alvito.

Alvito's Tongue

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