the Kid


Ulrich is a Prophet of the Oriental Church, as per the Book of Days End:

Ulrich was the son of a barbarian of Jeuvork. He was of the same tribe as the Heathens who had tortured Algoth. One day, a follower of Algoth, known as the Hammer of Justice, came to Ulrich’s village and killed all the adults who refused to convert to the True Religion as Punishment for Algoth’s Death. His hammer was burning with Cosmic Fire as he was distributing Punishment in Algoth’s name. The Hammer of Justice however calmed his rightful Anger at the end and spared the six youngest children of the village. He did so to give them a chance to convert to the True Religion. Algoth then appeared to Ulrich, ho recognized him as a true Prophet.

Ulrich joined a group of converts. A few months later, the group was attacked by raiders and Ulrich captured and sold to slavers. He was first sold to a Kymru lord of the Green Islands. Although the Kymrii were Believers in name, Ulrich found that people to be plagued by the old superstitions of the Arcanes. Disgusted, Ulrich one day took the rabbit foot his master was keeping as a lucky charm and threw it in the fire. Angry, his master beat him within an inch of his life and sold Ulrich to the Trident Company.

The Trident Company chained Ulrich at the bottom of a galley. Ulrich remained chained to the galley as a rower for ten years. Each year, his body grew stronger, as Ulrich was of the blood of the Firebolg. One day, Ulrich realized that he could refuse to be a slave, and he stopped rowing. The slave driver cracked his whip on Ulrich’s back, but Ulrich denied the pain and felt None. Ulrich looked down on his chains and realized that they were restraining him only because he let them, so he broke them. Ulrich shouted to the other slaves: “Liberty or Death. They only have Power over us because we let them.” All the slaves on the galley revolted and they seized control of the warship.

Ulrich lead the galley upriver to the iron mines of Lower Alba. There, he attacked a local mining town and freed the slaves, who joined him. His message to them was simple: “We have the gift of freewill and an immortal soul. There should be Nothing between us and the Creator.”

Traveling overland, Ulrich led his growing army of slaves South towards Darica. In every town he entered, he freed the slaves and destroyed the Darian’s false gods and idols. Once at the gates of Darica, Ulrich laid siege to the City. Ulrich did not have the means to breach the city walls, but he cut its supplies by burning the fields all around. The Darian had to hire a mercenary company from the West in order to break the siege. Ulrich died fighting and his last words were: “I die free”.


The only one of the six kids spared by Drawoc who saw Alvito’s ghost.


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