The Lady of Shame

Baelzra, Chain Princess, daughter of Kelvin


Baelzra, the Lady of Shame and Princess of Chain, is the daughter of Kelvin, the Wind from the West, and formerly the Lieutenant of his army Under the Mountain. She has now been unleashed upon the World.


The Lady of Shame was involuntarily summoned onto the World by the ritual conducted by a Merchant Prince and the Abbot of the Lighthouse of Shipwrecker Bay. Both men were then attempting to summon an Angel who would bring them two things: The Chain of Service and the Scroll of Duergar. When what looked like a female chain devil appeared, the Merchant, with the help of the monks, killed her. However, there were many other devils that had made their way through and the monks were overrun. Most of them were killed or possessed by spirits from under the Mountain.

Having not fulfilled the tasks for which she had been summoned, the Lady of Shame did not return under the Mountain, but took possession of Drawoc’s sister, as she was praying Kelvin for the safe return of her brother. Compelled to return to the Lighthouse to complete her task, she manipulated prevorian Inquisitors, and a group of adventurers, into taking her there.

Back to the Lighthouse, Drawock and his group managed to exorcise his sister, and the Lady of Shane returned to her body. Her first task, providing the Scroll of Duergar to the Merchant, was completed when the Levantine took note of the text she had carved onto her former host’s body. He second task was completed when Drawock himself offered to take the Chain od Service from her. She was then freed from the conjuration and teleported to an unknown location to plot her revenge. The party had access to gold weapons to defeat her, but decided not to.

The Lady of Shame

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