The Kings of Kymuria


There are 4 Kings in the Green Islands. Amongst them, Melwas has been crowned High King by the Hierophant, but he still has to ascertain his authority.

King Peredur : According to the bards, King Peredur “The Magnificent” is the most handsome man in the World. That would be due to his Fey ancestry. King Peredur maintains good relations with both the Darian families and the Druids.

King Glen : King Glenn is half Darian from his mother’s side and received a darian education. He received military training in an academy on the continent and is both a fine strategist and a skilled politician. Glenn however wants to appear as kymru as possible and makes up for his Darian heritage by being a stern supporter of the Law of Seasons. Glenn has allies in all the Darian families of Kymuria.

King Melwas : King Melwas is a Believer. He was converted to the worship of the Creator by missionaries from the South at a young age. Honour, Justice and Courage are the main Virtues pursued by King Melwas. He his a great admirer of the Prophet Melvin Righteous-Arm. King Melwas is not particularly appreciated by the Druids. Melwas tries to adapt the traditional laws of the Kymru to his religion and reconciles both as much as he can.

Earl Baenoch: Earl Baenoch and his people are not native from the Green Islands. They are barbarian invaders from Jeuvork who ended up settling in the northern islands of Kymuria. The Firbolg invaders and the local Kymri mixed over the years. The Firbolgs follow the Law of Seasons as taught by the Arcanes of the North, who are very harsh creatures. Baenoch’s people added trade and farming to piracy, their traditional mean of subsistence.


The Kings of Kymuria

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