Sir Antonio Don Esteban



Sir Antonio Don Esteban got his knighthood from the Prevorian Inquisition. He was part of the group that took (future Cardinal) Derasc to Lighthouse Island where she was freed from The Lady of Shame’s influence.

Sir Antonio also witnessed the revelation from Zephyr that gave birth to the Holy order of the Questers:

- And Zephyr, speaking through his sister, told the Quester:

You are of Humble origin, and yet, despite your modest abilities, managed to cross half the world to save your sister, and had the courage to take on this burden.

Your quest now starts, for it is not a Cardinal that Kelvin sees in you, but a Quester. A war is being waged under the Mountain, and Kelvin need your help to find the weapons he need to fight the First One.

Ages ago, the flesh of the First One was pierce by the 5 Gold Arrows of the King of the Forest. The Snakes of Knowledge were born from his bleeding wounds, 6 of them. The Weapons that caused the wounds are still on the World. Find the Snakes, and you will find the Arrows. Bring them Under the Mountain to take your place in Kelvin’s Army.

Beware, not unlike you, the first Questor was of Faey blood. He was betrayed by his friends and disappear. Your Friends are on a Quest inspired by my brother Ensifer. it is not for me ton interfere. A Prophet has been lost, and he must be found too.

Following this event, Sir Antonio swore to the Questor that he would protect Deracs, his sister, and bring her back home. He did way more than that, helping her to be elected Cardinal, and creating the Holy Order that would become her personal guard. Besides its protection duties The Holy Order of the Quester is on a mystic quest to recover the Golden Arrows and help Kelvin in his War against the First One Under the Mountain.

Sir Antonio Don Esteban was also instrumental in the Duchy of Sprag signing the Treaty of Nations. Derasc and him had spent much time together traveling through the Western Mountains on their way back, along with Gillis Thunderhead, now a centurion in Kelvin’s Legion. There, they spread Zephyr’s message which resonated well with the descendant of the Dwarfs. Emperor to be Magnus Andro would later send him back to buy the services of Kelvin’s Legion to save Darica from Ulrich ’s slave uprising.


The Book of Esteban
The Awakening

Antonio Don Esteban was the son of a Prevorian Warlord named Maximiliano who had land on the border with Belgaria. His father was often at war with his neighbours who served the Wizard King of Belgaria. The lackey of the Wizard King would use the Forbidden Magic against Maximiliano and his men, but somehow the Warlord would always prevailed, apparently thanks to his superior Cunning on the battlefield, the Strength of his arm, and his raising Glory which would attract many allies to his side. Maximiliano explained to his son that his good Fortune was coming from the Winds. Antonio then became very pious, so the blessing of the Winds would remain on his father.

One night he could not sleep, Antonio got out of bed and wandered outside in the dark. He then heard to voice of his father talking to somebody. Antonio approached without Maximiliano noticing him. The young man saw that the Warlord was talking to his battle axe, and that the reflection of a demon on the blade of the weapon was answering to his father. From the conversation he overheard, Antonio understood that the Devil Kornudrax had chosen the Warlord’s axe as his body on this World. However, bodies in the Land of Ensifer usually have to be made of flesh and blood. To preserve Kornudrax’s body, Maximiliano had to feed the Axe with the blood of his enemies, while in exchange, the Devil would teach the Warlord Secrets from Under the Mountain.

Despite his love for his father, Antonio denounced Maximiliano as a follower of the First One to the Prevorian Inquisition. The Warlord was tried by the Inquisition and condemned burnt at the stake. Has he was watching his father burn, Antonio felt Compassion for him and killed him with an arrow to put an end to his suffering. Maximiliano’s lands were confiscated by the King of Prevoria, but as compensation for the Sacrifice of his birth right and a reward for his Honesty, Antonio was made Sir Antonio don Esteban, a knight of the Prevorian Inquisition.

Sir Antonio Don Esteban

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