Merchant Prince


Rakshasa is a Levantine Merchant Prince who was involved in the event of the Lighthouse of Shipwrecker Bay. He provided an ancient ritual to the local monks who wanted to summon an Angel of Kelvin that they would task with bringing them the The Chain of Service . As payment, the merchant Prince would be allowed to task the Angel with bringing him the ancient Scroll of Faey Luna.

The ritual was performed, but instead of an Angel, the The Lady of Shame was summoned along with a band of devils from Under the Mountain. Rakshasa attacked her, but soon realized that he had been hit by the Curse of Valoic. Rakshasa’s conclusion was that the Lady of Shane, daughter of Kelvin, was of angelic nature like him, and that he provoked the curse by spilling her blood. The Curse turned Rakshasa in a half-man, half-tiger creature.

Rakshasa traveld to Vorpal, were he bribed the local Order of the Viper with the hearth of an immortal creature (a spawn of Fortuna), to have access to Naga, the Primordial Snake of Intelligence. He offered Naga the knowledge of the Scroll of Faey Luna, and in turn Naga though Rakshasa that to lift the Curse of Valoic, one must repaired the injustice that brought the curse, and that fixing this injustice would involved a great Sacrifice. Naga also told Rakshasa about the Curse of Eastmael, that he had just understood from reading the Scroll of Faey Luna. Naga explained that since Faey Luna destroyed Eastmael’s heart with the sword Ragnarok, Eastmael’s descendants were unable to cope with human emotions. According to Naga’s logic, Eastmael’s hearth would have to be fixed or brought back from the Void for that curse to be lifted. All the Merchant Princes are affected by this curse because Eastmael is their common ancestor.



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