Prevorian Inquisition


The Prevorian Inquisition was put together by Arial “The Bastard”, the Warlord of Prevoria, with the Approval of the Austral Cardinal. Their mandate is to hunt wizards and heretics, but they seem to target mostly the Warlord’s enemies.


The Prevorian Inquisition captured Deracs, Drawoc’s sister, as they suspected her to be a Witch, because she was seen with Dobrilla, a known witch. The inquisition captured Dobrilla and hung her first. the witch’s body immediately started festering in a unnatural way and soon a plague struck the village. Realizing that they were dealing with nihilist who can use their own death to summon the Void, the Inquisition did not take the chance of executing Deracs. Instead they chained her up, put in a cage, and endeavor to bring her to the Western Monks of the Lighthouse Island in Shipwrecker Bay. The Iquisitors were hoping that the Monks would know a ritual to take the Void out of the girl, so it would be safe to execute her after.

Sir Antonio Don Esteban was one of the Knights of the Inquisition charged with bringing Deracs to Lighthouse Island. The PCs board the same ship he was traveling onto when it stopped in Kymuria, and made it to the Abbey with him. There, they found that Deracs was not a Nihilist, but that she was possessed by The Lady of Shame .

Shortly after she was freed from the Lady of Shame’s influence, Zephyr, the messenger of the Winds, spoke through Deracs to her brother Drawoc, and sent him on a quest. Sir antoni Don Esteban swore to Drawoc that he would bring Deracs back home in Prevoria and protect her with his life.

Prevorian Inquisition

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