Primordial Snake of Intelligence


Naga is one of the Snakes of Knowledge mentioned in the Genesis.He was born from the blood of a head injury Oberon inflicted on the First One with of his Gold Arrows.

Naga’s Secret is Intelligence. He accepts knowledge as sacrifice and agrees to teach to those who bring him the most valuable of secrets. The Order of the Viper has been feeding him for years and he has tough them in return.

Naga’s lair is located in the Index of the Western Church in Vorpal. It was also the place were the Gold Arrow that caused the injury Naga was born from was kept.

Naga informed the party that Dawn, The Harpy Queen of Shipwrecker Bay, was once Oberon’s Squire and lover. She was carrying the sword Ragnarok for him. Eventually, she was corrupted by the Void. Disgusted, Oberon abandoned her on an Island in Shipwreker bay.



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