Levantine Merchant Princes

Trading Company


The Levantine Merchant Princes are traders from the Far East. Their caravans travel the world to buy and sell rare items and alchemical potions and products. Their precious cargo is extremely well protected by elite warriors from all over the world. Their route is not easely predictable.

They usually dress in black silk kimonos.


In Stock

Thurderburts Hachet (Lvl +2, 4000 gp) _ The head of the hatchet was built with melted lightning rods_ (PHB1 p. 236)

Horned Helm (Lvl + 2, 1500 gp) Vorpal’s latest fashion (PHB 1 PHB1 p. 249)

Aegis Blade (+2, 2,000 gp) – The Sword of Jarvanax, the Fighter-Mage.

Skullmace (PHB1 p. 234, +1, 1000 gp) – Used as his main weapon by the Bugbear for centuries, the Skullmace, like its owner, is tainted by the Void.

Amulet of Life (Builder, +1, 1000 gp) – Shaped like a Windrose, blessed by the Oriental Cardinal.

Armor of Sudden Recovery (AV2 p. 6, +1, 680 gp)

Learning Weapon – longbow (Builder, +2, 2000 gp) – This Bow was built by a Druid who had a special connection with the Spirit of the Hawk. Sold

Bracers of Archery (AV1 p. 115, +1 1800 gp) – _Jarvanax himself enchanted this item as a reward for one of his sheriffs. The sheriff in question was unable to reach his tax collection objective one year and had to sell the bracers off to make up for the difference _

Acrobat Boots (PHB1 p. 246, n/a, 520 gp) – These boots were worn by Jacobo, the funambulist who attempted to walk on a wire installed between the two high towers of Darica. He failed and fell to his death, but eye witnesses report that before his last breath, he stood right back up. Darian Mages tried to reproduce the boots property by sending more would be funambulist to their death, but to no avail.

Gauntlets of Blood (AV2 p. 58, +3, 2500 gp) – These gauntlets used to belong to the Warlord Magnus Andro. He sold them to the Levantine after it became impossible for him the wash the blood off it.

Restful Bedroll (AV1 p. 176, n/a, 360 gp) – The Restfull Bedroll was part of the standard kit issue in Kalvin’s Legions

Belt of Vigor (AV1 p. 253, +1, 520 gp) – Enchanted by a Prevorian Alchemist

*Bracers of Mighty Striking (PHB1 p. 244, +1, 520 gp) – Crafted by the Barbarians of the North. For them it is a wristband.

Special Reserve

Helm of Principe (Helm of Heroes, PHB1 p. 249, +3, 8000 gp) – The helm of Principe, the companion of Melvin Righteous-Arm. SOLD to Magnus

The Helm of Duergar (Helm of Hidden Horrors, n/a, AV p. 142, 45,000 gp – special) – This unusually heavy helm belonged to Duergar, the strongest of the Mythic Dwarves, and the general who betrayed Kelvin. Popular believes have it that he was condemn to turn the Wheel for eternity has a punishment for his betrayal

The Shamrock Brotherhood’s Treasure Chest

Augmenting Whetstone (AV1 p. +275 gp 190) – x5
Stonemeal Biscuit (AV1 p. 192, 30 gp ) – x10 – Same recipe as the standard ration of Calvion’s Legion.
Potion of Vigor (AV1 p. 189, 160 gp) – X10
Shadowshaft Ammunitions (Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium p. 37, +1, 50 gp)
Shiver-Strike Ammunition (Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium p. 37, +1, 50 gp)

Levantine Merchant Princes

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