Kingdome of Ashes

The Dark Phoenix


The Kingdome of Ashes is the True North. It was the realm of Valoic before the Cosmic Fire fell on it to punish the People for following the Fist One. The Wind of the North has since cool the ashes that cover this land where all that stood has been flattened and burnt. The ashes cover the landscape as if it was snow that never melts in the permanent twilight that bath the sky.

Of the People, only the Clan of the Phoenix, which had remain true to the Creator, was warned of what was coming. Most of its members fled South, where only humans and animals lived. However, a few Phoenix remained in the North, in order to show their total confidence In the Creator and Her judgement.


The Queen of Ashes was the leader of the phoenix who stayed as well as the Cardinal of the North. Some would say that she was Valoic’s lover as well, and refused to leave for the love of Him.

After being bath into the Cosmic Fire/Void, the Phoenix never really died, and were never really reborn, beginning some kind of undead existence instead. I order to make this life bearable to the members of her Clan, the Queen of Ashes created an illusion to hide the truth from them. Her “death” to the hand of the PCs put an end to this illusion. Lord Paladinus, the Queen’s First Knight, horrified by what he had become, left before he could be defeated as well.

Among the ashes of the Queen, a cold black egg was found.

Kingdome of Ashes

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