Kelvin's Legion

Military Order


Kelvin’s Legion is a Military Order / Mercenary Company based in the mountains of the Duchy of Sprag. Its members are the descendant of the dwarven legions sent South by Kelvin to help Ensifer fight Ghildas and his armies of humans. The Dwarves arrived too late to prevent the Darian cavalry from passing the Mountains, and before they could head back, the news reached them that Kelvin had been betrayed by Duergar and had lost his Throne.

Kelvin’s Legion is infantry based and use phalanx tactics. It used to sell it services to competing warlords. Despite the fact that they are mercenaries, members of the Legion are very disciplined and honorable. They are believers of the Western Church like their ancestors. Despite several generations of intermarrying with the local human population, members of the legion still have recognizable dwarven features.

Kelvin’s Legion control the West-Strasse, the only known passage that leads to the Western Kingdome through the Mountains (the alternative being to navigate through Shipwrecker Bay).


Kelvin's Legion

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