Wind from the West


Kelvin, the Wind from the West, was the Wind of Humility and Discipline. His relic was the Chain of Service . He used it to remind all that the Winds were both representative and servant of the Creator.

Kelvin is mentioned in the Genesis . His fall to the hands on Duergar is described in the Scroll of Duergar in the Book of Betrayal .

Kelvin is the father of The Lady of Shame . She was the Lieutenant of his army Under the Mountain and the bearer of The Chain of Service until recently.

Zephyr, by possessing his sister, brought Kelvin’s Revelation to Drawock: Drawock, the new bearer of the Chain of Service, was asked to travel the world to collect the Golden Arrow used by the King of the Spirits to injure the First One. Kelvin is at war with the First One Under the Mountain and needs these weapons.



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