Fraggle Fred

Village Weirdo


Fraggle Fred held the less than desirable title of village idiot for the longest time and grew into a bitter old man. He lives by himself in a shack at the Village limit. Nobody remembers how old he might be now.

Fraggle Fred’s story is tied to the baby snatching goblins legends. Some say that he is a goblin offspring that was swithed with a human baby. He however landed in a family that was too poor to pay the ransom to get its child back. Fraggle Fred was consequently left behind and was raised by his new human parents. Old people say it is bad luck to pick on Fraggle Fred.

That this story might be based on Fraggle Fred’s strange appearance, with his pointy nose, ears and theet. But Vernon the druid once said that Fraggle Fred’s strange features might have something to do with his parents being first cousins, and his parents’ parents being first cousins also.


Fraggle Fred

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