Cardinal Derasc

Cardinal of the South


Cardinal Derasc is the second Cardinal of the Austral Empire, a title she acquired after the Patriarchs of the South recognized her as “touched by the Winds” as Zephyr spoke through her mouth.

Although she is of Prevorian origin, Derasc was first heard of West of the Shipwrecker Bay. she was then part of an adventuring party that included Sir Antonio Don Esteban and Gilius Thunderhead , then a young acolyte. This his where Zaphyr first spoke trough her to her brother who disappeared since then:

You are of Humble origin, and yet, despite your modest abilities, managed to cross half the world to save your sister, and had the courage to take on this burden.

Your quest now starts, for it is not a Cardinal that Kelvin sees in you, but a Quester. A war is being waged under the Mountain, and Kelvin need your help to find the weapons he need to fight the First One.

Ages ago, the flesh of the First One was pierce by the 5 Gold Arrows of the King of the Forest. The Snakes of Knowledge were born from his bleeding wounds, 6 of them. The Weapons that caused the wounds are still on the World. Find the Snakes, and you will find the Arrows. Bring them Under the Mountain to take your place in Kelvin’s Army.

Beware, not unlike you, the first Questor was of Faey blood. He was betrayed by his friends and disappear. Your Friends are on a Quest inspired by my brother Ensifer. it is not for me ton interfere. A Prophet has been lost, and he must be found too.

This first revelation prompted Sir Antonio Don Esteban to swear to protect Derasc and to later found the Holy Order of the Questers, dedicated to the protection of the Cardinal and the fight against the First One.

Derasc and her companions also became known in the West for helping a village that was attacked by demons after an experience gone wrong on Lighthouse Island. She entered a mystic trance shortly after that that lead her to the recover Ensifer’s Solar Shield.

Derasc and Sir Antonio came back South through the mountain pass of the Duchy of Sprag. There Gillis Thunderhead left the party to join Kelvin’s Legion. Once in the South, Zephyr asked Derasc to travel across Ensifer’s Kingdome to meet all the Patriarchs and the Cardinal, so the minor wind could tell them of the Prophet Alvito, his Prophecy, and his Martyrdom.

Derasc was also instrumental in breaking the siege of Darica during the Slave War. Magnus Andro had sent her and Sir Antonion Don Esteban to the Duchy of Sprag with Levantine gold to buy the services of Kelvin’s Legion. Despite the vast amount of gold offered, the Duke was reluctant to engage the Legion in the rescue of Darica as the Metropolis was the home of the rival The Trident Mercenary Company . However, once again Zephyr spoke through Deracs and warned the Duke about the False Prophets. Zephyr also told the Duke that the Legion Should cease to be a mere mercenary company and go back to the knighthood ideals of old. In the end, the Duke accepted to mobilize the Legion and the company provided the edge needed to defeat the slave army. This victory opened the door for Darica to sign the Treaty of Nations and join Magnus Andro’s Austral Empire.

In year 5 of the Empire, Deracs was elected Cardinal. She allowed for the founding of the Holy Order of the Questers, which became the 4th Paladin Knight Order to be recognized by the Austral Church after the Sword, the Inquisition and the Owl, and the 6th overall knighthood order when including the Military Knight Orders of Kelvin’s Legion and the Imperial Order of the Phoenix.

In year 7, shorlty after the death of Emperor Magnus Andro, Zephyr spoke through Deracs again to announced that Magnus Andro was a Prophet.

Cardinal Deracs mostly retired from public life after supporting the election of Arial II of Prevoria as Emperor, to whom she gave the Solar Shield. Some speculate that her absence allowed for the creation by Arial II and his Prime minister, the Aspic, of the Synode, a group of wizards to who have been granted immunity from prosecution under religious laws by the new Emperor.


Cardinal Derasc

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