Brother Alvito


The Monk from the South traveling North. The Cardinal told him the Winds would put a guide on his path to show him the way North to the barbarian land of Jeuvork. Alvito hopes to convert the heathens once over there.

Alvito carries a parchment tube he treats with great care.


Alvito died as a Martyr and his life his reported in the Book of Alvito .

Its seems that some of his body parts have been scattered amongst the followers of Blueface; his Eye, his Hand and his Tongue. Each of these body parts have special powers.

Alvigo also came back as a ghost who refers to himself as Algoth “Touched by Fire”. Algoth explained that when the Cosmic Fire fell upon him and his enemies, it was reveal to him that the Creator and the Cosmic Fire (the destructive forces of the World) are the two sides of the same coin, and that the Void is just nothing, a blank canvass for the Creator to work on.

Algoth asked Harask to be his Hammer of Justice and punish those responsible for his death.

Algoth also indicated that Alvito,s mortail remains are irrelevant and should be buried. They belong to the old him, the one before the Illumination.

Algoth told the party that he needed them to carry the Book of Prophecies North because he would need it to convince someone of a greater Truth. But first, he wants the group to stop at the Tower of the Phoenix so the PC can learn what he learned there.

Brother Alvito

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