Blaze the Phoenix

Immortal of the Phoenix Clan


Blaze is an Immortal of the Phoenix clan. He was first met in the form of a “big bird” that burst into flame and left an egg in its ashes when “killed”. Blaze was reborn in the form of a gold skinned humanoid after the egg was submitted to intense fire and hatched.

Blaze revealed that he was the guide expected by Alvito. He will take the priest to his native North, but the adventurers must prove that they can pull their own weight before he agrees to take them along. In order do that, the Villagers must find a way to defeat Jarlax permanently. Blaze apparently has an axe to grind with Jarvanax, who he accuses of tricking him into his most vulnerable form.

Blaze also appeared at the feast following King Melwas’ investiture. He revealed that Alvito had kept traveling North, but that he had a presentiment that something bad was happening to the priest.


Blaze the Phoenix

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