The Arcanes are a group of immortals who claim to predate the Winds. They say their task is to defend the World form the Void. The Druids are the servants of the Arcanes. The Arcanes gave to Mankind the The Law of Seasons as a code to live by.

The Arcanes are spread all over the World. The Arcane of the South have many Druids who carry great influence in many human societies. The Arcanes of the North are said to be ruthless and cruel. They are worshiped by the Firbolgs who fear them. The Arcanes of the East ally themselves with the Faey and little is known about them. The Arcanes from the West keep to themselves and live underground.

The Arcanes are synchronised on a collective cycle of birth-death and rebirth. The consequence of that is that periodically, there are no Arcane alive on the World. They draw a parallel with the Seasons, where Summer is the period when all the Arcanes are alive on the World, Fall is when they start to die, Winter is the period during which there are no Arcane, and Spring is when they start to be reborn.

The Arcanes claim that they die when they hear the call of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. Before they die, Yggrasil gives a message to the dying Arcane, which he can share with his brothers and sisters. The last Arcane to dies was Greenstep. Before he returned to Yggdrasil, Greenstep shared the following: “As we Arcanes retire, Humans shall rise and name their own kings. The World is our legacy to them”. Just before he dies, an Arcane will also name a Hierophant Druid to speak in his name while he is gone. Vernon is the druid that Greenstep chose as his Hierophant.


Known Arcanes (from the party’s perspective)

From the South

Hemlock : This Arcane was from the Green island and died about 65 years ago. His Hierophant was presiding at the last Gathering. – It was recently revealed that Mave was in fact Hemlock reincarnated in a human body.

Greenstep : This Arcane recently passed away. He was from the Faenarild area and Vernon is his Hierophant.

From the North

Oneye : An Arcane from the North who was present at the last gathering in the Green Islands. He was accused of dabbing in to the Void magic by Stonehearth who threatened to kill him himself if he did not stop. His druids remove one of their eyes as a rite of passage.

Blueface : An Arcane from the North. The barbarian clans affiliated to Blueface are generally enemies of the clans affiliated to Oneye. His Druids paint their faces in blue.

Frostbite: this Arcane from the North disappeared a long time ago. Legends say that the First One would have taken Frostbite’s appearance to fool Oberon into meeting the Arcanes of the North to seek their help. When the Arcanes saw that Oberon was carrying Ragnarok, a sword forged into the Void, they attacked him. The very few druids of Frostbite are Ice Giants that live in the far North near the Evergray. They paint their lips in blue.

From the West

Stoneheart : The rare times he is seen, Stoneheart always carries a burden on his back. Most of his druids are Dwarves. Stoneheart was aggressive towards Oneye.

From the East

Silverwing : Arcane from the Fey Court, advisor to Queen Faey Luna., and now member of the Synode at the Imperial Court in Darica.


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