• -25 before the Empire: Martyrdom of Brother Alvito.
  • -5 before the Empire: Slave War – Ulrich ‘s slave army besieges Darica. The Siege is broken by Kelvin’s Legion hired by Magnus Andro and paid with Levantine Merchant Princes gold.
  • Year 0 of the Empire: Treaty of Nations – Magnus Andro first Emperor of the South.
  • Year 5 of the Empire: Cardinal Derasc elected Cardinal.
  • Year 7 of the Empire: Martyrdom of Emperor Magnus Andro while Fighting Python .
  • Year 8 of the Empire: Election of Emperor Arial II of Prevoria. The Emperor receives the Solar Shield from Cardinal Derasc.
  • Year 15 of the Empire: Death of Emperor Arial II. Imperial Elections to be Held.



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