The Hierophant

Gathering in the North

The Hierophant of Frosbite stepped out of the Evegrey when he heard the call. An Arcane from the North would be recalled to Yggdrasil. His own Arcane had been the first to fall centuries ago, during the Summer of the Arcanes. but now it was clearly Fall. Greenstep had been recalled only a few months ago, and Hemlock 25 years prior to that.

This time Yggdrasil had sent the Spirits of Bear, the Snake and the Hawk to announce that it was time for another Arcane to rejoin the Roots of the Earth. The Spirits were in a violent mood. They were out for blood, announcing that the next death would be violent. The Bear had the rage of a mother protecting her cubs. The Snake, always close to the Earth, had its mouth full of venom, a poison that would bring death wherever it was spilled. The Hawk was coming from afar to hunt in these territories. Watching from high in the Sky, It had its own plans and motivations.

The Arcanes would soon gather at the frozen edge of the World, but one of them would not walk away from that meeting.



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