Silverwing - the Faey Court

Gathering in the North

Navigating fey politics was more complex and dangerous than sailing Shipwrecker Bay. Eladrins and Elves were still very suspicious of one another, even a thousand years after the Cataclysm. The lost of their immortally at the contact of the Void had brought the Elves refugees to value life in all its forms, but had also made them very careful individuals. The Eladrins on the other hand were perpetuating the arrogance of the People. Intrigue is everything in a society where you cannot simply move up the social ladder as a result of the natural passing of those above you. At Faey Luna’s Court, The Bard with a Viper’s Tongue was making a fortune building and destroying reputations.

Silverwing had to find the right angle to convince the Queen of the Feys to provide him warriors and a proper weapon for his quest. But once the Arcane had convinced Faey Luna that Oneye could be a menace to her reign, she understood that it was in her own interest to cooperate.



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