Blueface and the Beast Riders

Gathering in the North

Blueface was looking at the horizon. The Arcane was at the edge of the Evergrey, the True North, where it is never really day or night, as if the Cataclysm had also put an end to the cycle of the Sun and Moon. One of the tribes he had sent North would return today. He had seen the signs.

White silhouettes finally appeared on the grey background, slowly approaching through the blizzard, the Beast Riders had finally made it back:

- Master , said the one of Firebolg mounted on a dire bear, it took us a long time, but we finally found it. We had been going at it the wrong way, looking for a tower standing in a desolated land. Once we realized our mistake, we knew where to look. However, we still can’t get in.

- Let me worry about getting inside said the Arcane. You’ve done well, Chieftain. Return to your lands. You might find them inhabited by a lesser race of men, but I am confident in your ability to reclaim them. A lot has change while you were gone.



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